A GREEN Holidays!! People here loved it!

Published On: January 4th, 2024|Categories: Blog|

Yes, there was a lack of snow, but technically in Minnesota it is not green outside but brown. No, we are referring to the green inside the area’s homes and buildings. Aside from donations like our participation in the local community holiday giving tree, providing dozens of presents and gifts to local children. We also donated to various school and community causes. In the end, PlastiCert was green inside too.

Green meaning, as a thank you for enabling PlastiCert to have the profits that help make those type of humanitarian acts happen, PlastiCert thanked its own people.

Just before the holiday shut down, PlastiCert catered in lunch and then handed out profit sharing bonus checks. That marks the ninth year in a row that PlastiCert has recognized its coworkers in that way.

This year’s distribution was the second highest amount since we started. Full time Floor coworkers were rewarded with the equivalent of nearly three weeks pay.

The main reason for this was that our profits greatly increased internally. Both Production labor as a percentage of COGS and Production labor percentage of revenue showed significant improvement trends! Both historically and against the budget established.


We also showed improving productivity/efficiency gains based on head count. With a relatively static head count, our revenue per coworker continued its steady climb upward from previous years.

PlastiCert is happy to distribute some profits to those individuals that help make us successful. Want to engage with a molder that has a quality and efficient work force? Give PlastiCert a call or email us. We added seven new customers to our rolls last year, we’d be happy to fulfill your molding needs as well!

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