A TOP SHOP Threepeat!

Published On: October 20th, 2022|Categories: Blog, Company News|

The assessment report is in, and PlastiCert is once again selected as a Top Shop (Injection Molding) by Plastics Technology Magazine! That make three years in a row, after being named a World Class Processor by PT back in 2015. This year the news got even better. The submittals, and selections, for review have gone international. The 24 Top Shops of 2022 hailed from three continents, four different countries and 11 different states, ranging south to Colombia, north to Canada and east to India, with three each from Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. In total, the survey, which is in its sixth year, drew responses from 19 different states—three Canadian provinces—and eight different countries.

Selection meant that PlastiCert exceeded strict production benchmarks in areas like on-time delivery when their own suppliers were most certainly not on time. The Top Shops benchmarking survey of injection molders queries participants on demographic data, performance indicators, and business and process strategies. A selection of those performance metrics are then scored, with the highest scoring companies named Top Shops for 2022 based on their 2021 operations.

The biggest benefit of entering the Top Shop assessment process is that it is an assessment, and you receive a report. Detailed in the numerous assessment areas, are your numbers compared to all the respondents, and then against the Top Shops themselves. Which is what we at PlastiCert was after in the first place. Being selected is an extremely high honor, but each year we have entered in the interests of having an outside set of eyes assess PlastiCert and tell us how we can get even better at what we do.

In future blog posts I will, as in the past, detail our numbers and where we stood. For now, we’ll just puff out our chests a little and say thank you Plastics Technology. We appreciate the recognition and will strive to get even better with your help.

Is your molder a top shop? Did they apply? Do they assess what they do and how well they do it? If not, you should be talking to someone that is a Top Shop and wants to assess their strengths AND weaknesses. Give us a call, we’ll take a look at your current projects and let you know if we are a good fit for you.


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