Are we to the finish line? Not by a long shot.

Published On: June 11th, 2020|Categories: Blog|

The big debate, open things up to avoid economic disaster or remained sequestered to stay healthy or even alive. Like the old saying goes, opinions are like ______, everyone has got one.

Many of those opinions are based upon the public’s personal experiences. In major metros, former hot spots, the risks are treated with a higher level of respect. In those locations, many have been touched firsthand by the virus’ reach, many more second hand. In the out-state areas away from population concentrations, the virus has been much more esoteric. We hear about it, we read about it, but it has not touched us yet.

With the current rate of the economy opening, summertime, graduations, and even demonstrations and protests, that is all about to change. Until now, lesser populated and rural areas have been isolated. No one leaving, no one coming in, our exposure chances extremely low. With the economy opening, that IS about to change. A NYT columnist liked our predicament to the marshmallow test. A famous psychological experiment that tests children’s willingness to delay gratification. Children are offered a marshmallow and told that they can have a second marshmallow if they are willing to wait 15 minutes before eating the first one. The idea was to validate the premise that those with that willpower will use that to their betterment, now and in the future. He draws the link to how the Covid-19 pandemic poses a kind of marshmallow test for society and makes the observation we are failing.

At PlastiCert we are aware of the need to be of service to our customers, continue to meet your essential needs. We are also aware of our responsibility to our coworkers and our community. We continue to stress distancing, hygiene and caution within our building.

We also are professing an, “all things in moderation” approach to life outside the building. We remind them that as they inject themselves into new environments, and invite in new exposures from the outside, they increase their level of risk. If you need to go into a higher density situation, counter it with increased time in a limited person setting. Essentially rate the different environments you expose yourself to and rate them by number of people there and equate that with risk. Higher risk here countered by lower risk there to maintain a level posture.  

We will get through this, but that end point is not now. PlastiCert is doing what we can to be here for you when you need us. Please, do what you can to be there for us to continue to serve you!

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