Asking your molder for a “quick” mold quote?

Published On: March 2nd, 2016|Categories: Blog|

Let us just ponder that a little while. If you are talking about needing a rough, plus or minus 50% approximate number after looking at your sketches or CAD file or even sketches that is based on similar work in the past, then no problem.

If you want a number that you can put in the line of a purchase order and expect it to not exceed that amount, then expect the following.

  1. some push back,
  2. sticker shock,
  3. a semi-serious number because the supplier knows you are just getting a number to compare to the serious number you already have on your desk from the preferred supplier.

Remember that you are not asking for a catalog item in your particular quantities or a standard base item with your list of options.

You are asking for a price for, based upon the design that your engineers have conceived, the design for a one of a kind, solid steel, close tolerance, functioning mechanism. That they will then build using hundreds of work hours and processed on as many as six different pieces of machinery. It then is hand fitted together, along with being tested on a similar piece of equipment to its final user environment that costs high five to well into mid six figures.

You want that same day do you?

Work up front with your mold designer/molder. Collaborate on the part design and subsequent mold design and molding parameters. You’ll arrive at the best solution for you, your mold designer, your molder, and most importantly, your customer.

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