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Published On: September 23rd, 2020|Categories: Blog|

I promised a more in-depth look at our latest capital equipment acquisition, our Cincinnati Milacron MTs 500-41.3.

It is a 500-ton injection molding press and as the name alludes to, its barrel can hold a little over 2 ½ pounds of resin . This injection press took the place of the used 440-ton press that we had acquired back in 2006. It was the direction I had determined was necessary for PlastiCert to grow and convinced the owner and senior management at that time of the need to go in this direction.

That 440 was our first foray into larger parts molding. We acquired the 440 ton in December of 2006, and it was not until April of 2007 that we started running production on it. That was primarily a part that we had been running on our 220-ton press that was a better fit for the 440 based on shot size more so than tonnage.  That first production in April also included a new UltemTM part for a relatively new customer. It was a great fit and was a perfect example of what we had envisioned for our path into larger parts. As this part was destined to be used in the new Boeing 787, its volumes were ultra-low (another market segment we have been committed to), so the hours required were also low. This was a part that required over 40 inserts and were told it is the most complex UltemTM part that person has ever seen.

We continued to market and promote the larger part capability while running these two parts and in early 2009 added another part into its schedule for an entrepreneur in Florida. Additional new parts for existing customers came along in May despite the great recession. More parts were added as we exited the recession in 2010 into 2011 and the large part business has grown from there. In 2014 our two largest presses represented less than 20% of our production hours, now that number has risen to over 30% of our 10 presses overall. We had faith that these two larger presses would be beneficial to PlastiCert’s future and we continue to see that trend bearing out.

Have a 1 or 2 pound composite part that the volumes do not excite your molder? A part where the mold size required puts it into a larger press where your molder must increase the price?

Give us a call, we have always loved the smaller to mid volume parts and now see that daily on our 500-ton press.

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