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Published On: May 5th, 2014|Categories: Blog|

As a pure service oriented plastic injection molder, we are witnessing a rapidly changing playing field. Plastics are evolving rapidly, and as such, the possible uses and applications are as well.

Compounders makes new composites every day, one example is weight reduction for automobiles and planes. The medical areas are seeing synthetic platelets, dissolving devices, and ocular replacements.

We take our role as plastics expert for our customers very seriously. We work to stay up on the latest developments, understand the advances taking place. Getting experience molding new composites is the tricky part of staying abreast. While it would be nice to play with any and all new composites, we need to tie in a return on investment for the hours it takes to experiment. Choosing which resins our customers would be interested in requires us to be very plugged in to our customers’ markets and product applications.

Being in proximity to a college with a composites program can be huge. Having access to their students as interns and labs as test cases can be invaluable. We can assist in keeping up with material developments and getting real experience, all the while not causing a disruption to production scheduling and floor flexibility.

Therefore, before you start investigating possible material solutions make the most of your time and include your injection molder. You might just save yourself a great deal of wondering, and get that product to market faster with the performance you wanted from inception!


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