Being that GO TO person

Published On: June 20th, 2019|Categories: Blog|

We’ve all heard of them, sports names that the announcers highlight and talk about when the going gets tough, their team looks to these individuals to get the net, the hoop, the goal line. They are difference makers, having the ability to shine, or even rise to the occasion when things get tough.

We have them in business too. At our own companies, we know the people that can get things done. They aren’t necessary leaders, organizers, or point people. Those positions require their own unique skill set. Often times the “GO TO” people lack some of those leadership qualities, but possess the drive and knack to get tasks and unique efforts done with competency and efficiency.

Sometimes your “GO TO” can be a supplier or service provider. PlastiCert seems to fill that role for a number of our customers. When training in new coworkers, we are often pointing out that the part we are molding is here because a customer’s other molding supplier couldn’t perform. Typically it is a more complex part. For example, insert molding something different like a clear window, or using one of the demanding high melt temperature engineered resins. Whatever the reason, we seem to have a number of them at PlastiCert.  It is what we strive for at PlastiCert, being very good at what our customers need. We may not be on top of all the trendy organizational and efficiency fads that you read about in trade magazines. We certainly don’t put our effort into our plant’s cosmetics. We’re more meat and potatoes at PlastiCert, excelling at the technical side of getting our customer what they need, when they need it.

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