Building a capable manufacturing process

Published On: February 19th, 2015|Categories: Blog|

An injection molder is no different from any other manufacturer needing to make good parts, we need to develop and use a robust manufacturing process. We just have our unique equipment and raw material to get there.

There are those that feel injection molding is part “white magic” (mysterious goings on with the intention of producing positive results) and part science when it comes to making components and products from resin and composites. Just as education and knowledge helped bring “magic” out into the light, it has helped injection molders create more repeatable production processes.

When sampling a mold and then subsequently running production on it, there are a number of preparatory issues and actions we need to have in place, to know from where we are starting.

The injection press, its operation, and set-up are huge and play into starting from the same point every run.

Establishing a protocol as to what settings we will use and documenting that protocol keeps all involved and on the same page. It also illuminates what data we will gather during the processing.

Getting the resin/composite into its manufacturer’s recommend processing state to help establish a common starting point.

Create a robust protocol that, using the manufacturer’s recommendations, exercises the manufacturing procedure in the entire range of temperatures, pressures, and times on the injection press.

Document all findings, dimensionally and cosmetically to associate findings with where in the protocol encountered.

Done correctly, we yield a robust manufacturing process that will enable us to make you part repeatedly every time you order.


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