Burgers, Brats, Thank Yous All Around

Published On: May 25th, 2023|Categories: Blog|

Traditionally Memorial Day kicks off the start of summer, even here at PlastiCert, except this year. While we will be closed that Monday honoring veterans that made the ultimate sacrifice, we kicked off summer a little early this year.

We had some purchase orders arrive in higher-than-expected numbers and earlier due dates than normal. As such our people responded to our request for some flexibility in their hours and shifts to meet the demand. As a thank you for stepping up, PlastiCert kicked off our summer cookout tradition a little early this year.

Usually between Memorial Day and Labor Day PlastiCert grills out lunch for all our coworkers after each all-coworker meeting. This year as a thank you to a few of our people for stepping up and the rest that helped cover their usual slots, we grilled out the week before Memorial Day.

PlastiCert prides itself on having available capacity as normal business. With only 5 percent of our customers providing us with future forecasted orders, we try to be prepared for quick turn and a low backlog.

Making that scenario more complex is that production throughput is a discussion held during mold design. Molds and their capabilities are designed with order and annual volumes part of the consideration. If demands are higher than anticipated, the ability of the mold/operator to accommodate may just result in more press time being required.

This time the orders were well more than what is typically ordered and needed in a shorter lead time than normal as well. Our people responded and we were thankful.

Need a supply partner that is more responsive than your current supplier? Give us a call. PlastiCert is always there with capacity, even if we must kick it up a little higher!

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