By the Numbers, PlastiCert measures up WELL.

Published On: February 14th, 2023|Categories: Blog|

Some of the key numbers around here include:


Average Annual Sales Growth (over the last 7 years) – 20.35% (because YOY was over 70% and that wouldn’t be a fair comparison to others)


Return on Assets – 42%        A higher ROA means a company is more efficient and productive at managing its balance sheet to generate profits while a lower ROA indicates there is room for improvement. Most molders are in single digits, other Top Shops are in the teens. We’re one of the best.


Shop Floor Wages – $21.00         Average non-management plant floor wage. Most shops are in the $15-$17 range.


Labor Turnover Rate – 0 (as in zero for FT coworkers) Kinda speaks for itself. People like it here.


Days of Inventory – 37 (monthly avg over two years) our goal is less than 50 which it has not been above in two years. Days sales of inventory (DSI) is the average number of days it takes for a firm to sell off inventory. DSI is a metric that analysts use to determine the efficiency of sales. A low DSI can indicate that a firm is properly managing its inventory.


Inventory Turns – 10.6 (avg over the last two years) We prefer to keep it below 9, but the growth over the last few years has driven it higher. For a low to medium volume HIGH mix processor, that is an excellent number.


Number of years in a row we have been named a Top Shop in North America

Have you asked your injection molder about some of these metrics (and more)? Do they even track them? Ask away, and then come see us. We’re a Top Shop for a reason.

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