Capital Improvement Plan Lighting The Way Forward

Published On: June 24th, 2020|Categories: Blog|

Sometimes you need to stay focused on where you are going, despite bumps in the road and hardships that present themselves.

PlastiCert has been blogging about our capital improvement plan, having acquired multiple new injection molding presses and machine shop equipment.

The COVID-19 hit and PlastiCert has some at risk people at home, a diminished backlog, and some productivity issues with the new CDC Guidelines for operating a manufacturing firm.

Yet, the plan is to improve and upgrade over the next 12 months.

PlastiCert has placed a Purchase Order for a new 500-ton press for Late July delivery. It was the next planned acquisition, replacing the 440-ton press that has been instrumental in our growth over the last few years.

PlastiCert has also entered discussions on expanding our building. We will be doubling our manufacturing space to allow for better flow, better warehousing and needed break and washroom floor space.

Rather than sit back and wait to see what happens in the Fall, PlastiCert has chosen to carry on with the commitment made to our coworkers and our customers to provide a better facility to meet both their needs.

Some things just need to be done.

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