Color in your product? The proof is in the mixing.

Published On: February 25th, 2014|Categories: Blog|

The proof is in the mixing.

Resin comes in natural colors, like beige and black. If only your customers were more interested in your products capabilities rather than its appearance, you could focus on just that. In the real world, color is as important as features, and you need an injection molder that can provide you the color you are after.

If you are a high volume OEM, you can afford to specify in a custom-compounded color. If you are a smaller OEM, or know there is a long ramp-up of your new product, then you may be looking at adding a color concentrate to a base resin to get the look you are after. Adding color concentrates to a base resin needs to be a part of your injection molders repertoire, if you are to get a consistent product in each production run. Assessing their experience with molding colors and managing concentrates should be a part of your approval. The resins, the mixing ratio, and the press/barrel combination that will be making the part should all be assessed and taken into account.

After all, if your customers are coming back to you for repeat purchases, you want the product that brought them back to look the same as the product they just bought, don’t you?


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