Continuing to address the skills (?) gap

Published On: May 2nd, 2017|Categories: Blog|

In parts of Greater MN, the skills gap has descended into the body gap.

There are just not the available people to hire for the needs of manufacturers, (and restaurants, and government and retail, etc. etc.).

Manufacturers across the state are lamenting their open personnel requisitions staying that way, open. The shortages are across skill sets, from minimum skilled entry-level operators to trade oriented positions, to technical and business professionals.

As a former Twin Cities person, (that is Minneapolis & St. Paul to you non-Minnesotans), I spent my youth and early adult hood traveling the state for vacations and outings, typically lamenting that time when I had to “return to reality” and my home and work in the Twin Cities. I recall, as a young engineer, sitting in the break room with other coworkers on a Monday, lamenting our lot. All of whom had returned from their lake place up north or hunting trips west or trout fishing down south, wishing they could work in those same play spots, and have more than just weekends.

The truth is YOU CAN!

IN my 30’s during repeated visits to one of my suppliers OUTSTATE doing my supplier quality work, I built a relationship with the founders and President of that company. They offered me an opportunity and I gained enough comfort to pull up stakes from the Twin Cities northern suburbs and relocate to Southeaster MN. That was nearly 25 years ago and I have never looked back nor wanted to return. That’s not to say I have not made the trek back to the Twin Cities more times than I can count. I still have most of my family there as well as the sports, entertainment, and hobbies to enjoy. Only now, the roles have reversed and I have a sane and enjoyable weekday life in Greater MN and go to the Twin Cities on the weekend when traffic and congestion is minimized. Of course, life here in Greater MN is not without its own pleasantries. I have multiple colleges for sports. We have music of all types, classical, jazz, new age, and rock. Theater opportunities and art museums, one has Monet, Picasso, and more! Even though we are a town of 30,000 people, they know my name when I go to the bank, coffee shop, restaurants and even the dry cleaners which isn’t a regular stop! The biggest factor is my daily commute to work. I tell people often, I have one of THE most beautiful commutes in the state of MN. In addition, I take 20 minutes to travel 17 miles, EVERY DAY.

Want better employment, better life outside of work, better quality of life, more time before and after work, come to the outstate area! We will appreciate you and you will appreciate the life you will now have!

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