Deming Point # 11 – Eliminate management by objectives

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Deming’s 14 points (cont)

Our continuing ode to Dr. W. Edwards Deming and his book titled “Out of the Crisis” summarizing his famous 14-point management philosophy.

Deming Point # 11 – Eliminate management by objectives

Don’t manage by assessing the achievement of numerical target numbers only. Focusing on the final number can ignore the means used to get there. Those means can often result in lower quality, if not now then sometime unexpectedly. The process used to achieve those goal numbers might be subversive to other goals and the company’s personality and morale in general.

Provide the support, resources and overall bigger picture, so that production levels and quality are high, achievable and repeatable.

Measure the process used to achieve the result rather than the people behind the process. There are other means to recognize and provide feedback to the player; for better results, the means and end are the focus.

Even in the SG&A non-production areas, MBO can be dangerous. Sales goals can be important motivators, but less than desirable means of achieving them can be detrimental to your overall corporate goals.


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