Deming’s 14 points (cont) Deming Point # 6 – Use training throughout the work cycle

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Our continuing ode to Dr. W. Edwards Deming and his book titled “Out of the Crisis” summarizing his famous 14-point management philosophy.

Deming Point # 6 – Use training throughout the work cycle

Training is not just for new co-worker orientation. While we are showing new co-workers what they will be doing and what our expectations are, we are maintaining consistency across the staff that perform the same function or formerly performed the same function. Consistency between workers and over time is a major source of reducing variation and one less thing to examine when quality analysis is required.

Work to build a foundation of common knowledge. Information shared amongst coworkers as to what expectations are, unity in terms and references, seeking a commonality in purpose.

Present to co-workers initially and continue to reinforce over time what their role and the company’s role is in making the customer(s) successful. It should be clear what piece of the puzzle they are and how that would or could influence the customers’ satisfaction and subsequently their relationship with us.

Provide an environment where co-workers are engaged, allowing them to add to the collective knowledge base. Observations, ideas, and perceptions that they have that could provide insight and continuous improvement opportunities.


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