Deming’s 14 points

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A great deal of today’s positive business accomplishments, both manufacturing and service, are owed to Dr. W. Edwards Deming. If you are unfamiliar with him, one Google and you will find all you need. After Japan dominated the global market, American and European companies realized that they needed to embrace Quality and Deming’s teachings. He wrote the book now titled “Out of the Crisis.” This book summarized his famous 14-point management philosophy.

Over time, we will blog about his 14 points as they apply to any type and size of business.

Deming point #1

Create a constant purpose toward improvement.

Companies need to plan for quality with a long-term context. Putting systems and processes in place that solve solutions that same way, rather than just getting past the moment. Your company should be looking at your operations with a clean slate. Rather than focusing on what you do and how to do it better, look at the desired end and is there an entirely different way to accomplish the goal that is better than the current process. Lastly always be looking forward assessing trends and analyzing how you can prepare for future challenges with an expectation of doing things better.

Next up – Adopting your new philosophy


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