Diversity – a polarizing term that should not

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In recent years, Diversity has taken on both positive AND negative connotations depending on your point of view. At PlastiCert, we are all about being diverse.

When people hear the word “diversity” they think of race and maybe culture. But diversity is much broader. Diversity applies to many aspects, if not all facets of our lives and plays a sizable role, as important as helping us to survive.

Webster-Mirriam defines it as:

1: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements

2: an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities

PlastiCert calls attention to the diversity of our skill set, customer base and services provided.

Services provided:

PlastiCert is one of those rare injection molders that provides mold design and build WITH strong injection molding capability. Having both services under one roof provides our customers with one supplier for two distinctly different services. This improves communication, efficiency, and overall time to market. We also feel that by having injection molding under the same roof, our people are more in tune with what works, versus what the book says.

Skill Set:

Our engineers are the product of the ONLY undergraduate composites engineering program in the country. What that means is that our engineers are material scientists first, and injection molders second. Knowing the resins and composites’ physical properties and what they will do inside the molding press is HUGE. Compared with setting up the press based on the resin manufacturer’s suggested parameters and seeing what happens.

Customer Base:

PlastiCert has a remarkably diverse and challenging customer base. The majority of the customers are in the industrial sector. Yet their similarity stops there. Their requirements, based on wide range of markets include tight tolerances, high cosmetic requirements, unique and demanding composite resin use for harsh environments, strength, chemical resistance, and more. Similarly, our customers in the Telecom markets have high demands on them. Their customers range from multi-national Fortune 500 to Governmental departments and contractors. We have sporting goods customers that are pushing the limit on material properties in their use, but still requiring cosmetics to meet strict standards. The remainder of our customers are in the medical, automotive, HVAC, avionics, and others.

Yes, PlastiCert is DIVERSE, and we celebrate it. Better yet, our customers celebrate it as well. Receiving their parts and assemblies knowing that their needs are met. They can divert their attention to their other suppliers and internal operations. Diversity has helped us survive for almost 45 years, and it will serve us well into the future.

Need an injection molder with our kind of DIVERSITY? Give us a call.


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