Do we only run molds made at PlastiCert?

Published On: March 10th, 2016|Categories: Blog|

Naturally, the majority of the molds that reside here at PlastiCert we have designed and subsequently use to mold parts. We do have a number of molds that our customers sent here having been designed and made elsewhere.

Sometimes our customers are looking to pare down their supplier list and concentrate their molds here at PlastiCert. Sometimes they have a supplier that is having trouble and ask if we can make acceptable parts from a mold that is elsewhere. Sometimes suppliers close or go in different business directions and ask customers to re-source their molding. There are numerous reasons as to why we are running molds we did not design and make, but we do.

We have brought in international molds as well. We have brought in molds that customers had previously sourced and run or acquired through acquisition that resided in China, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. All are making production quantity parts in our plant here.

When PlastiCert’s original location in Pennsylvania was shuttered in the recession of 2009, we asked the customers that were exclusive to that location if they would prefer to re-source their molds or send them to us here in Minnesota, 80% transferred them here. All of those molds were designed and made by other mold shops or the shop within our plant there in PA. All are up and running herein Minnesota.

So whether you want to consolidate your supplier list, have some orphaned molds acquired through acquisition or gave molding off shore a try, you can rest assured that if it molds parts we have probably seen something like it and can integrate it into our system here at PlastiCert.

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