Doing what you’re told cannot be done

Published On: May 9th, 2018|Categories: Blog|

In our expected role as composites molding expert for our customers, we invite challenges. We stress our customers tell us what they would like their part to do, and then help them with their design to achieve that goal.

In one particular case, a customer proposed their need of chemical resistance and visibility, as well as high durability for an outdoor agricultural related use. In analyzing what the specific needs were, PlastiCert arrived at a solution that used two different composites in an over-molding application. Shoot the first chemically resistant and clear part that could shuttle the end use fluids, then mold over the top of it, a glass filled durable composite that would resist abrasion and handling.

We consulted both of the manufacturers for their thoughts and recommendations. We were told that the application would not work. Their recommended process settings were too close to each other, and degradation during the over-mold shot would be unavoidable.

Through process development efforts, we were able to find a processing window, within each manufacturer’s recommended ranges, that achieved functional parts that met the print and was repeatable. Proof is shown here:

Have a tough application, one that someone might have told you it can’t be done? Drop us a line, we’ll be happy to give you a second opinion!

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