From our FAQ: Does PlastiCert perform more than mold design and molding work?

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PlastiCert, being a full service provider, is looking to be as much of as an asset to our customers as we can. Besides being there for our customers when they are designing new parts, assisting in part optimization and material selection, we also offer options for after molding. Some customers ask us to perform post-molding operations to optimize their operations once they receive the molded parts.

Post molding operations we can perform at PlastiCert include:

Assembly – We perform various assembly steps for customers, removing the need for them to do it up on receipt. From adding simple hardware like screws and fasteners, to winding 150 ft. of copper onto four motor stator poles and placing the wound stator into a composite housing that was just molded, we can help optimize your manufacturing scenario.

Ultrasonic welding – we have the ability to sonically weld plastic parts together. In the aforementioned case, after inserting the wound motor stator into the housing, a retaining ring is welded to the housing to assure a mechanical retention. We do other welding steps securing piece parts stay where they are put.

Decoration – Aside for in-mold decorating, where graphics are placing into the mold pre-shot, and the label becomes part of the plastic component, we have the ability to pad print graphics and or text in a wide palate of color choices.

Inventory management – using our ERP system, we can provide inventory management services, holding product until you are ready for release, replenishing at our site you do not have to.

Have a unique requirement? Let us know what you have in mind and we can discuss how to be of service to you.


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