From our FAQ: How does a typical project get started?

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A more in-depth answer or a question from our FAQ page: What is the typical process of a new project?

That is a little different if your are an existing customer vs someone we are just meeting for the first time.

Someone we are meeting for the first time, we will dig into where your design is at. Have you been able to identify all of the requirements of the part you are designing, e.g. temperature ranges for storage and use; environment it will be exposed to; levels of interference, interaction and wear? Have you entered the design into a 3D modeling Software like Solidworks or ProE? How much input have you had regarding the part design and its optimization for the mold design and the injection molding process? Once those questions are answered, we can give you some guidance on where to do next and where we can fit into the picture in getting to where you have some budget numbers for the mold and part(s).

If you are an existing customer, we would be encouraging you to include us in your development work as early as possible. All of the above activities would be included in our interactions with you, and your development expenses and time to market would be drastically improved.

That is what PlastiCert is here for as a full service provider of injection molding services. We have no products of our own; our reason for being is to help our customers accomplish their development and production goals.


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