From our FAQ: What types of molding do we perform at PlastiCert?

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PlastiCert is a conventional plastic injection molder, specializing in short and medium quantity runs. Which alludes to and I can confirm, we do a fair amount of insert molding and over molding, also called two shot molding.

For us, we refer to insert molding as the action of inserting an item, like a threaded brass cylinder, a metal bracket or a metal electrical contact or pin, into the mold and then upon closure of the mold shooting plastic around that insert. We have inserted as many as 42 items into a mold and then shot the plastic around them into one part.

Over molding or two shot molding is where we first shoot a plastic or composite part in a mold, then move it into a different cavity or a different mold, and shoot another type of plastic/composite over the initial part. The second shot can be a different color; it can be a “rubbery” gasket or soft grip like material over a hard plastic, or just another hard plastic adding to the abilities of the first plastic.
Another form of insert molding we more accurately call in-mold decorating. In this process, we can place a label, a faceplate with a viewing window or a decoration, into a mold and shoot the plastic onto the back and or around the label, so that it is better adhered to the plastic than by conventional adhesives.

If you have any interest in any application such as this, give us a call to discuss it!


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