Getting what we pay for – at PlastiCert

Published On: April 28th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

Building on last week’s blog, PlastiCert has chosen to make the most of the team we have and creating an environment where they enjoy our team environment and reward them for stellar performance. Then building on that framework to attract new people that have a desire for a better work life that equates to more than just money.

Compared over a similar time frame, PlastiCert’s production wage increases average outpaced the SE MN region over 2:1, 4.3% vs 2.1%

According to the Pew Research Center1, wages, adjusting for inflation, have been virtually flat for quite some time (around 0.1% in the last 8 years). Yet here at PlastiCert, inflation adjusted production wages are up over 11% between 2014 to 20192

and more recently, up 21.1% looking into 2021, hardly flat.

We have determined that rather than throw money at unknown commodities (new people) we have learned to hang onto the people we have and attract similar people by offering a positive and desirable workplace. Turnover at PlastiCert is next to minimal, (less than 1% historically) and our production worker tenure is up to around 14 years on average.

So, we do get what we pay for, because we set out to have a consistent, dependable, solid core team of coworkers that know what our vision is. We are dedicated to providing our customers composite injection molding expertise they require to design and market successful products within the small and medium volume market.

Want to come join our ranks?

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