Green Update

Published On: January 31st, 2017|Categories: Blog|

PlastiCert continues to look at how, as a manufacturer, we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Example projects from our past include reducing our paper usage significantly by progressing to electronic process sheets accessed on tablets.

Most recently, our acquisition of a new injection molding press included an analysis of not just power usage but also effective range of molding tonnage and how our more recent production demand charted. The initial goal was to replace both a 30 ton press and a 90 Ton press that were reaching end of reliable useful life.

We assessed their work load as well as the profiles of then and the presses we have around that size. We came to the determination that we could replace both presses with a single press in a tonnage between them as long as we acquired an additional barrel for the new press. That would provide us the coverage in tonnage and shot size we required. Additional benefit was a newer more power efficient press and one less piece of equipment hooked up to our power.

We continue to pursue avenues for reuse of the scrap resins and composites we generate. With all new designs we attempt to minimize the amount of scrap generated through hot runners.

We have made arrangements for our scrap hydraulic oil to be used as a fuel source for heat generation at a facility nearby.

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