Happy Past Year!!!!

Published On: January 12th, 2022|Categories: Blog|

Happy Past Year!!!!

PlastiCert enters 2022 having to update the record board for business metrics and bask in our accomplishments.

Coming out of the COVID impacted 2020, there was almost no chance we would do anything but go up and we definitely did that.

Revenues for 2021 were a 73% increase over 2020. As mentioned, that year was COVID impacted but 2021 still represented a 35% increase over a stellar 2019. 2021 saw the highest revenue levels PlastiCert has seen in 25 years. What is significant is that these gains were from existing customers. We did win three new customers in 2021, but practically all the increase came from existing customers that are multiple sourced but chose to increase their business with PlastiCert. Large parts, overmolded parts,  insert molded parts, all were part of the increased presence by our existing customers. The majority of which conveyed in their customer surveys that they would refer us to business associates if asked.

More impressive were the gains in our mold shop. As you know, one of PlastiCert ‘s differentiators is that we do both mold design and build as well as production injection molding. Our tooling revenues in 2021 were 325% above 2020. Naturally COVID impacted our customers’ product development efforts, but comparing 2021 to 2019, we still saw a 200% increase in mold revenues. It was certainly good timing that our Capitol Improvement Plan had added a new machining center and Sinker EDM prior to our shop the prior year as well as adding an addition toolmaker! Considering our continued growth in mold design and build, we will be acquiring another machining center next month.

On the injection molding side, revenues saw a 52% increase over 2020, and a 20% increase over 2019 levels. We shipped twice as many parts in 2021 compared to 2019. We benefitted from our community awareness efforts and added a number of new coworkers to work on the production floor as well as a new Production Manager. We are preparing to order another new press to add to the six we purchased in the last two years.

Having anticipated this upward trend, we are just now finishing an addition to our plant that will double our manufacturing space.

Stop by for a visit, we will be the people wearing our shades because the future looks bright at PlastiCert. Call to set up a discussion now!

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