Here, one IS better than two

Published On: January 30th, 2024|Categories: Blog|

We are told often, in general two is better than one.

That is unless you need an injection molded component.

Under the most common component sourcing scenario, your designers create a plastic/composite part that needs to be made by injection molding.

Your first stop is to a mold designer. They will use your component design to create a mold design and then build it. The mold maker will send you the mold to give to the molding company where they will make the first parts. Nine times out of ten, or closer to ninety-nine out of one hundred, the parts will not turn out as expected. The molder will tell you that the mold was design or build is wrong. The mold designer/builder will say that the molder does not know how to mold parts. Or point a finger at your part designer. Bottom line, multiple fingers are pointing in multiple directions.

With ALL of this, you still do not have a part you can use, and your project is falling behind schedule.


You can come to PlastiCert, where we have both mold design/build AND an injection molding shop under one roof.

Our mold design AND molding engineers will talk with you about your component design. We will collaborate with you to optimize it for BOTH mold design AND molding. Once the mold is designed and you have been apprised of its capabilities, it will be built under the watchful eyes of the designer. Once completed, the mold will be sampled ON THE INJECTION PRESS IT WILL ULTIMATELY RUN PRODUCTION ON, WITH THE PLASTIC/COMPOSITE RESIN IT WAS DESIGNED FOR AND BY THE STAFF THAT WILL BE MAKING THE PRODUCTION VOLUME.

PlastiCert’s first sample success rate is in the 90+% range. On the off chance that we do see something we want to correct; it is discussed right there, As a team, with one goal in mind. Getting you the parts you want quickly.

Tired of delayed new product development projects? Tired of finger pointing and arguing over why you do not have your samples and first production parts yet?

Come to PlastiCert, where it is better to have ONE than two. Give us a call, we can go through a typical part, mold, process development scenario and show you how you can get from design to production as quick as you want to!

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