How is that Business Ranking looking now?

Published On: July 11th, 2024|Categories: Blog|

A few weeks back, we blogged about the difference between states’ ranking for business vs overall quality of life.

While Texas came in Number 1 AGAIN for business (as ranked by business executives), Minnesota came in 40th.

Texas, with no corporate income tax, looked rather good to businesspeople, (until this week perhaps). When  a Category 1 hurricane (the lowest level) made landfall on Monday millions of people lost power. It is still out for over a million people AND BUSINESSES 4 days later.

How is that no taxes and doing things on the cheap look now for business? I mean no disrespect to the millions of people in Texas effected and feel for them as them try to rebuild their lives. We wish them the best and will assist if we can in some way.

While #1 with executives, Texas was # 29 in the US News & World Report ranking (USNWR).  Surprisingly, their infrastructure was ranked #19. Well, it is a big state, but maybe that will get a closer look next time the rankings come out. Numerous Texas officials and residents are questioning their state’s infrastructure and preparedness.

Minnesota ranked #9 for infrastructure, and #4 for an overall ranking at USNWR. Heck, I have a lake home in Wisconsin that ranks #17 in USNWR, (#30 in business ranking) with a #35 infrastructure ranking. Yet after a very recent storm that was considered the worst in over 25 years, I lost power, in a heavily wooded, VERY rural location, for ONE DAY. When I say rural, I mean rural. The closest town has 1,500 people. You have to travel over an hour to find a town with more than 5,000 people. The closed metro area with over a million is 3 ½ hours. YET, I had power restored in 22 hours.

As mentioned before, money is not everything and as quoted before, “Taxes are what we pay for civilized society”.

PlastiCert is located in a power rich setting, with multiple lines feeding our area. We have had numerous, power hungry businesses looking at Lewiston for their site planning.

Need a supplier that is capable of state-of-the-art injection molding, positioned in a location where they will be in business for you now and immediately after trouble strikes?

Give PlastiCert a call.


We have a quality of life AND a great business environment. If you define that as a place where businesses stay OPEN.



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