How’s your supplier’s production planning?

Published On: October 28th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

In these days of supply chain issues, not knowing what materials will be delivered when, it pays to have a handle on your production planning process.

PlastiCert is a service manufacturer tasked with big responsibilities. As a service provider, we act as an extension of our customers’ production floors. Our customer comes to us and asks us to make their custom designed part(s) for them. We cannot make them to stock, most are fairly erratic in their need and subsequent releases.

As such, making a myriad of different parts for more than 40 different OEM customers is a challenge. Throw in disruptions like late or unexpected raw material deliveries, that means you need to have a great deal of flexibility built into your system. An ability to react and respond, making the production floor as nimble as can be.

Over 20 years ago PlastiCert recognized that this kind of demand on manufacturing systems was inevitable. Throw in the dovetailing with Finance, Purchasing, Quality and Sales, we needed a plan. An ERP system was chosen and implemented. Since then PlastiCert has consistently done more with less. Our ERP software provides seamless integration of planning, materials management and procurement, manufacturing, financial, and business intelligence processes.

Features like the ability to “what if” future demand showing what is available to promise and capable to promise lets us convey future scenarios based on what resin will show up when.

PlastiCert is up for supporting you in times like these when the raw material suppliers are taxed. Come find out why we are confident is saying we are molding your future, every day.


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