Investing in the future

Published On: December 9th, 2020|Categories: Blog|

Despite the drama filled year we have had; a company must continuously look to the horizon and chart the course forward.

As a manufacturing company,  we must consistently earn and then hold our customers’ respect and confidence. We do that by continually being of service, both through our technical knowledge and our manufacturing capabilities.

After the management buyout in 2011, PlastiCert set out to improve our position financially. Clearing debt off our books would make us a safe bet for the sourcing entities out there.

As we neared the goal of being debt free, we set about on a capital improvement plan, looking to reinvest in PlastiCert’s equipment.

Over the last few years, we have successfully replaced virtually every injection molding press and machine shop piece of equipment in the company. The final two presses are due to arrive in the next week or so (more on that at the time of delivery).

Couple that with the reacquisition of our building. At the time of the MBO, our building was sold to a property management company, to both add some capital into the coffers, and eliminate one more finance requirement from our financial burden. This last Fall we reacquired our building and are now able to make whatever changes and modifications we desire.

This chart shows the increase in PlastiCert’s balance sheet regarding Property, Plant, and Equipment. It does not yet reflect the addition of the two final presses and building, yet already graphically depicts and sharp increase in the investment in our future and our customers’ futures.

If you’re curious, we’ve added all this capitol equipment without financing it. We have maintained our ability to keep the company relatively debt free. Thus avoided burdening the company in case times (like now) get tough.

We indeed have been busy, Molding Your (and our) Future!!

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