Is it the part design or the mold?

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Who’s to blame when you can’t get conforming parts?

PlastiCert President/Owner talks about how we handle mold designers and builders “walking in the other guy’s shoes”. Article originally posted on Plastics Today website on December 6th 2013, written by Clare Goldsberry.

“…Craig Porter, president and owner of PlastiCert Inc., is so convinced of the importance of moldmakers understanding molding that he sends his moldmakers to “spend time in processing so they can see molds running and get a better appreciation for the challenges, and take real world issues into account.”

PlastiCert provides mold design and build, and offers injection molding services as well.  “In the mold shop it’s all about building the mold,” Porter said in a phone interview. “Their goal is to make that mold and they don’t often look at it from a molding standpoint or an operator situation. Working on the molding production side puts them in the shoes of the operators and the end user. The goal isn’t just to make a good mold but making a good part as well, and keeping an eye on the end game. We have to provide quality parts to our customers and meet their pricing needs, which gets down to cycle time.”

PlastiCert has four moldmakers and one mold designer in the tool shop. On the molding side, the company operates 10 presses from 30-440 tons, both horizontal and vertical machines, and specializes in two-shot and overmolding technologies.

Porter noted that having both operations under one roof puts Plasticert at a strategic advantage. “The moldmakers typically have a lot of communication with the molding side – but actually being on the production floor gives them a better appreciation for molding than just being there five or 10 minutes looking at a mold.”

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