It was bound to happen, but 44 years in the making?

Published On: October 4th, 2023|Categories: Blog|

Having chosen small start-up company environments (versus larger corporate entities), it seems logical that similar younger people would also be attracted to that type of work situation. Meaning small, higher tech oriented, constant change and reinvention happening frequently.

As such, retirement was something you planned for, not saw happen or celebrated. Older workers like stability and consistency, repetitiveness perhaps.

But as I aged, I still preferred that same smaller and nimble size, even when I became General Manager and then subsequently Owner, I did not have designs on growing into a large entity.

So, the natural off-shoot is that is in 44 years of professional working life, I have never attended a retirement luncheon, party, or celebration for a coworker. We had a person here at PlastiCert retire, some 6-7 years ago. He was a remote worker so while I wrote him a nice thank you note and sent him a very nice retirement gift, there was no celebratory party or gathering.

So it was with great excitement that we held our first retirement luncheon here at PlastiCert this week. Ruth Lang, one of our long time operators decided she was ready to officially stay home from now on.

It should be some time before we see another one of these which is in keeping with my current experience. We have a young staff, unlike many other manufacturing firms and we celebrate that as well too!!!

Want to work with some people that will be around for quite a while? Give us a call! Our average tenure is 14 years so odds are good things will be stable here at PlastiCert for some time to come.

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