It’s coming – Manufacturing Day/Month

Published On: September 27th, 2023|Categories: Company News|

Friday October 6th is being celebrated nationally as Manufacturing Day.* In many circles, it is Manufacturing Day all month long.

Here at PlastiCert, we’ll be celebrating off and on, but opening to the public on October 11. That morning we will be visited by a tour sponsored by the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce. We are inviting local high school students to visit later in the morning and over lunch. Finally, we’ll open the doors to the public for the afternoon from 1PM until 4PM.

PlastiCert held an open house back in 2022 after we finished our construction of a new addition. Since that time, we have added new hoists, a new injection molding press, new air compressors, the list goes on.

Manufacturing companies have always, and still are, relegated to the fringes of the towns we are located in. It used to be a result of the perception that manufacturing was dirty, messy, and noisy. We are no longer any of those things, but we do have semi-trailer traffic, sometimes rail traffic, and heavier traffic at shift change, (although not any different than several malls and shopping centers I have experienced). Traffic aside, PlastiCert and other manufacturing like us are controlled environments, making more use of modern lighting and windows, and utilizing equipment that has computer related features that rival most offices.

So, if you are around the afternoon of October 11, stop on by. I say afternoon because the Chamber tour filled all its slots immediately. I guess between all the building, equipment acquisition, virtually no turnover and talk of summer cookouts, swag and profit sharing, people are curious to see a four-time North America Top Shop Award winning operation looks like.


* MFG Day is an initiative of the Manufacturing Institute. The MI builds, diversifies and strengthens the modern manufacturing workforce, with the goal of furthering individual opportunity, community prosperity and a more competitive manufacturing industry. The MI engages underrepresented communities and shifts perceptions about careers in modern manufacturing, leads skilled training and career development programs, provides thought leadership and research on the changing state of the workforce, and builds partnerships to scale up its impact on manufacturing in the United States. As the 501(c)3 nonprofit workforce development and education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers, the MI is a trusted adviser to manufacturers, equipping them with solutions for the industry’s toughest challenges.

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