Know thyself (nosce te ipsum)

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The term is tied back to Greek times. Its Wikipedia page sites its use and meanings to a lengthy list of philosophers and sages.

All the references talk about the concept in singular, meaning for A person to know themselves or “know thy measure”.

Here at PlastiCert, we refer to it as recognizing who WE are as a workforce, as a supplier to you. Just as one solution does not fix all problems, treating all coworkers the same does not work as well. Knowing who we are = how well we perform.

We span four generations of experiences, attitudes, and values. Recognizing each of them is beneficial to keeping everyone motivated and focused on our goal. That being of course, an extension of our customers’ manufacturing floors, i.e., making our customers look good in their positions.

For example:

The ownership represents the Baby Boomer generation. Baby boomers value face-to-face interaction. They did not grow up using computers. Recognize coworkers for achievements through public ceremonies they can share with family, friends, and coworkers. Supposedly, Baby boomers are not usually job-hoppers, but in our case that is not true!!

Senior Management are Generation Xers, they are typically viewed as self-reliant, hardworking, often thought of as fiscally responsible. Gen Xers, wedged between BB’ers and Millennials, are comfortable using technology, communicating online, AND doing face-to-face. Gen Xers typically prefer less supervision and greater autonomy when it comes to completing job responsibilities.

Millennials represent the largest generation in the general workforce, but not so much here at PlastiCert. They grew up as the internet revolutionized society. More comfortable communicating digitally than previous generations. They have a desire for deeper purpose, understanding our company’s mission and how it helps make people’s lives, industries, or the world at large a better place. Millennials care about performance quality and judge their managers by the content of their work. They, in turn, want to be judged not for their hours in the office, but for their results.

Generation Z was raised as digital natives, smartphones and other devices are essential. Once hired, Gen Z’ers may be more actively engaged in their jobs when they are provided access to cutting-edge technology. After watching their parents deal with the effects of the 2007–2008 financial crisis, job security is a priority for Generation Z. They look for somewhat stable opportunities, and they intend to stay with the same company for two to four years before making a move. While at work, they may prefer some flexibility in the way they accomplish tasks and the opportunity to add input on process improvements. They may also prefer flexible work hours and will seek out environments that prioritize social responsibility and diversity. Workplace flexibility is the most sought-after benefit for employees in this age group — more than health care or training and development.

The two most important aspects to these groups are that:

 1) There are different generations within all the various positions at PlastiCert. That being said, we are a younger workforce, most being young Millennials or late Gen Z’ers.

2) These generational descriptions are generic, we are not. There are cross generational aspects to all of us. We recognize them and work to maximize that dynamic.

Key is recognizing each coworker for who they are and what they do to keep us focused on our mission. We manage our affairs here factoring in the improvements we make, in relation to what will provide our coworkers meaningful value. Again, knowing who we are = how well we perform.

In the end, it is about making you look good in your job and responsibilities; regardless of whether you are a Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X or even Baby Boomer. You can rely on us knowing how to collaborate with you to meet your requirements.

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