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Published On: December 12th, 2023|Categories: Blog|

Our local help group Holiday Giving Tree had a larger list this year than last. An even greater number of local children than last year had signed up to receive holiday gifts. This year as in years prior, PlastiCert answered the call, taking more than a dozen children’s wish lists, more than ever before.


                  PlastiCert’s 2023 gift donations for community youth

Striking about this year’s list were the gift requests from the children. While there were certainly a few toys by name and Xbox gift cards requested, a substantial number of them simply asked for clothes, shoes, even socks and undergarments. If there was ever a more telling economic indicator of how things are out there, I have not seen it. While those of us in the business world are doing well to quite well, the disparity between upper and lower has never been so apparent. For a child to use their one ask for Christmas, to be clothing or shoes, rather than games, toys, candy, or the like, is ………… disheartening.

Such a stark reality is even more drive to successfully grow our businesses. Hire more people, raise wages, and do what we can for the communities in which we reside.

PlastiCert includes the community in our mission statement. We recognize that what we have and what we accomplish is in harmony with the community around us. It is our hope that you recognize this as well.


PlastiCert’s donations from prior years

Happy Holidays and a Very Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.

From all of us at PlastiCert

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