Management and supervision in your organization are there to_____________?

Published On: July 13th, 2016|Categories: Blog|

Fill in the blank; determine what message you are sending your team.

One of the great benefits of applying for the When Work Works Award (WWW) is the report you get back. Detailed inside are your organization’s answers, put up against the responses of WWW Award Finalists, WWW Winners and then answers from a cross section of random companies around the nation.

When asked, “ My supervisor is supportive when I have a work problem. 95+% of my people Strongly or Somewhat agreed with that statement. I would like to improve on the number that Strongly Agreed(73%), but I’ll take these numbers as a starting point.

Other WWW Finalists and Winners results were similar. The national survey was surprising though. Asked the same question, the combined Strongly Agree and Somewhat Agree drop to 82%, with less than 50% Strongly Agreeing that their supervision is supportive.

If supervision is anything, it should be supportive of helping with work problems. I would think they would be falling over themselves trying to prevent problems, and then really snapping to when a problem arises.

Management and supervision in your organization are there to provide the tools and environment to allow your workers to succeed. That was the answer I was looking for in the opening line. Do you think that is happening at your company? We are an award winner and I still think we need to improve here at PlastiCert, how about your organization?

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