Manufacture with Purpose

Published On: June 10th, 2021|Categories: Blog|

As a supplier to OEMs, we recognize that we are a piece of the puzzle. We injection mold components that end up being assembled into great products that do wonderful things.

As a rule, we have always worked to make that connection for our people here at PlastiCert. Why? PlastiCert, being a service provider means there are no “PlastiCert” branded products out there in the marketplace. Our people can never buy or even point out to friends and family, “that is our product”.

As part of our monthly all-coworker meeting, one segment is dedicated to addressing one of our customers and what markets they serve. Then address the relevant products using the components we mold, and how those products are used.  

So, highlighting where we contribute is our way of making what they do more tangible. Certainly, our mission and value statements address the fact that we are here to provide our customers with a high level of expertise and help them be successful. But it is hard for many of our people to see and feel that. Connecting PlastiCert coworkers to where our contributions do appear in the marketplace helps to provide a tangible tie to our purpose.

Yet sometimes we like to go to the next level and use that product. Most of our customers sell products that have industrial, telecom, medical applications where product use is not applicable.

We make fishing lure components for an OEM in Maryland called Northbar Tackle. I have blogged about it in the past. The lure is traditionally used for saltwater fishing as talked about in the blog. We commented on it appearing to look like some of the Northern Pike and Muskie lures we see used here in the Midwest. We acquired several lures from Northbar and gave some out to interested coworkers and friends.

Here is the result of a couple of uses here in the Midwest.


If we were helping to make a connection for our PlastiCert coworkers on what they are making and where it is going, we think for this customer, mission accomplished.

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