Manufacturing Month – Celebrate, Open Your Doors!

Published On: October 19th, 2023|Categories: Blog|

Each October we celebrate Manufacturing Month around the U.S. This year was no exception here at PlastiCert.

We opened our doors on Thursday October 12. First up was a tour group from the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members representing banking, construction, education, and fellow manufacturers, came and learned about PlastiCert’s operation. We talked about our multi-million dollar refit renaissance having replaced our 9 antiquated injection presses with new ones over the last 5 years.  Having purchased new auxiliary equipment like a color mixer and reinvested in our value add area with a new motor stator winder that moves like lightening (scroll down to see it in action). We talked about our ability to both design, build, and maintain molds here in-house as a key differentiator in the injection molding industry. Along with our material science expertise also makes us different (better) than our competitors. We also drew attention to our fourth Top Shop Award highlighting our being one of the best injection molders in the world!


Later that morning, we had the Mechatronics Class from Minnesota State College – Southeast come and tour our facility. We talked about the types of equipment we had here, the hydraulic, servo and controller systems that make our equipment run and our service and maintenance needs.

Lastly that day, we unlocked our doors and let the public come in and see who we are and what we do. Injection presses, machining centers and assembly equipment were all humming as they were allowed to walk through our floor and see our quality coworkers making parts and assemblies for companies from coast-to-coast.

Insert molding on 500 Ton Injection press           

Lastly, all the 6th graders from our local high school came to visit. Half of them walked the floor with our Executive VP of Engineering. He pointed out and explained molding, molds, satisfying customers needs and what working here was like. The other half met in our new break room and discussed Manufacturing Careers with the President and Owner of PlastiCert.  He drew an analogy between the sports teams and school band that many of the students said they were involved with, to the team within PlastiCert. While there were people making products, there were many other TEAM players supporting and creating the environment that makes their work successful. That it takes a team to win a game or all the instruments to make music, it takes a team to make product and provide our customers what they need.

It was an exciting few days and we truly enjoyed showing off our skills and talents to other businesspeople, local residents and especially students. Opening their minds to opportunities that are not as everyday as going to the doctor or seeing teachers, police or firefighters is a valuable thing.



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