More Than an Injection Molder

Published On: March 8th, 2023|Categories: Blog|

So, you need a new injection molding supplier? Of course, we’re ready to do that for you.

Is that truly all you need your new supplier to do? Because we can help you with much more.

How about material selection? Our engineering staff are all graduates of the Composite Materials Engineering program at Winona State University. We excel at molding engineered composites because we understand composites. We can help work with you AND the resin suppliers to select the resin best suited for your design, application, volume, and anticipated product life cycle.

How about part design for moldability? We are experts at injection molding, and as such, can provide input to your designers, whether internal or a contact firm, to incorporate the features you need for functionality yet optimize the molding process for time and cost.

Work alongside you design and building the mold you require for the part you need? Why work a triangular customer/molder/mold shop loop? Why work with two suppliers when you can work with one supplier that will both design and build the mold and then use it to make the part(s) you are after? PlastiCert can work with you and part optimization and mold design all at the same time, cutting down on communication issues and possible miscommunication.

Customers that partner with PlastiCert save time, money and improve time to market. In every circle I travel in, that is the whole ballgame in product development. Want to make your life easier and look good within your organization? Give PlastiCert a call.


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