National Composites Week – Crossbow Stock

Published On: August 25th, 2020|Categories: Blog|

Four years ago, the lead design engineer for a start-up archery/crossbow manufacturer contacted PlastiCert after having researched the injection molding marketplace. Initial meetings confirmed that we were a good fit for helping them to finalize their design and material selection, and the rest is history.

PlastiCert provided input on manufacturability and material selection. The stock material selected initially was a mineral reinforced nylon 6 compound that featured excellent physical properties, durability, and visual appearance. Since that first product, subsequent designs have utilized Polycarbonate/ABS Alloy (PC/ABS) 30% Glass Fiber and carbon fiber filled Nylon 6/6 thermoplastics.

The project was completed right on schedule although pressed because of market window requirements.

PlastiCert designed and manufactured the ten mold package used for manufacturing all parts of the stock. From the main body to all supports and thermoplastic grips and cheek pad.

The final product was released to rave reviews and has been one of the hottest archery products on the market setting new standards for accuracy and arrow speed.

From start-ups to worldwide multi-billion dollar corporations, PlastiCert provides the support and expertise needed to help companies excel.

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