National Composites Week – Propane Engine Governor

Published On: August 26th, 2020|Categories: Blog|

For nearly two decades, PlastiCert has provided a composite housing to a multi-national company with applications all over the globe. Anywhere the trend toward greener, propane driven engines exists, you will find this product.

Considered an “under the hood” type of application, the housing uses a composite Nylon 6/6. Along with the 25% glass fiber, the material is also has ultraviolet (UV) ray resistance and has flame retardant added. The resin processes well, is strong, heat resistant, has chemical resistance to hydrocarbons, and has good wear resistance. It is also tolerable of the insert molding that includes a titanium ring and four brass mounting eyelets.

The housing is processed through our value-add assembly area, where a winding and connector are added to the housing.  It is then soldered, and a retaining ring of the same material is ultrasonically welded to the circumference.  

To date there are over 500,000 units in the field.

If you have a demanding application, need insight on specialty thermoplastics, and would also like some additional value add work done to make your process flow smoother, give PlastiCert a call.

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