New molds at PlastiCert, where do they come from?

Published On: March 3rd, 2015|Categories: Blog|

PlastiCert prides itself as being a FULL service provider to our customers. We are an injection molder with an in-house mold design/build/maintain capability, part of an ever-shrinking population of them. Merger and Acquisition activity has reduced the number of both small molders and mold shops, as high volume molding for automotive and consumer continues to see growth and absorb them.

As such, PlastiCert designs and makes practically all new molds brought to us. Due to our size and working to remain cost efficient for our customers, we keep our mold side at a manageable headcount. If a multi-mold package is brought to us, or multiple customers release molds for build at the same time, we may make use of outside resources to achieve your delivery dates. Typically, we outsource portions of the mold, coordinating things from our design group at PlastiCert.

PlastiCert’s in-house mold design makes use of software tools for design and design analysis like Moldflow. That along with a database of hundreds of different mold designs, PlastiCert engineers can come up with just the right proposal that will fit your part and program needs.

Straight pull molds, slides and actuators, insert molding, over molding, even two shot molds are all within the range of experience PlastiCert can bring to the table when you start talking to us about your part, its design, and production needs.

Our blog has previously expounded on the benefits of having both your mold designer and molder under the same roof. Aside from the ease and frequency of communication, there is a smoother transition to and execution of the mold sampling. Even better, there is never an “over-the-wall” type of scenario when it comes to sampling. Invariably if issues arise during sampling, there is finger pointing as to if the mold was designed and built right vs being capable of processing the plastic. With one-stop shopping for mold design/build and processing, you get a smooth process and transition to production.


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