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Published On: June 26th, 2024|Categories: Blog|

When we drafted our PlastiCert mission statement, we made sure to recognize that we as a company, rely on the community around us. From high school graduates, to roads, water, and sewer; to fire and EMT, and to civic organizations that make our community a better place to live. All of these help PlastiCert to be the best that it can be and meet the rest of our mission; servicing our customers with plastic injection molding expertise; in an environment that fosters personal growth, professional challenge (and a recognized responsibility to the community around us).

This past week was our local annual celebration, Lewiston Heartland Days, so named as we are the geographical center of the county.

PlastiCert was a proud sponsor, contributing time, energy, and money, to help make the celebration the best it could be.

Events included the typical rural farm community events, a golf tournament, Miss Lewiston pageant, a kid’s program, a senior citizen dance, food, bands, bingo, a baseball tournament,  a parade, and many others. Including our Gordy Vick Memorial Tractor Ride, tractors going down the road as far as you can see.

PlastiCert was there for a good deal of it.

Aside from being the highest level supporter:

We also sponsored the cost of bringing two Shriner entries into the parade to add some fun. We also helped provide candy and throws to one of the parade units that relies on donations.

There are many businesses out there that feel they pay taxes and the community in exchange provides them with the things they need to grow their business and make more money, period.

PlastiCert takes its role within the community seriously. It is called having values. The community is grateful that we are here and we are grateful for the support the community provides us. Together we can help ensure we coexist for a long time.

Does your supplier have the right “values”? Do they truly regard you and the community around them as a partner or are they just words on a piece of paper?

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