Our Founder’s Birthday

Published On: December 1st, 2022|Categories: Blog|

Honoring Howard Ysteboe’s birthday, he was the founder of PlastiCert, he would have been 93.

Howard founded PlastiCert back in 1981.  Originally from a small North Dakota town (Aneta population 202), he was a multi-talented electrical engineer that eventually, in the service of a major electrical connector company, established injection molding facilities for them around the world. He eventually started his own company the same way.

He built a thriving business on the model of being highly technical, doing precision insert and micro molding, and offering a high level of service, for companies up and down the East Coast. Lore speaks of an engineer that had great business sense. They say Howard could walk onto the production floor and just by tuning in to the sounds being generated, could tell if he was making money or not. Howard was a driven worker, with a cot in his office and a penchant for getting thing done and getting them right.

Howard passed away unexpectedly at the age of 72. Coworkers found him slumped at his desk one morning after having worked late into the previous night.

We’re celebrating over 40 years in business. We blog about our successes, our new addition, newly added equipment, and an expanded customer base. But we also remember who and what got us here.

It was Howard’s vision and work ethic that launched PlastiCert, established its identity and laid the groundwork for success through four decades. I actually never got to meet Howard. I was part of the growth he inspired prior to his passing.

We honor Howard by continuing to offer highly technical, precision molding to companies in need to not just a supplier, but a partner that can help them live up to THEIR customers’ expectations.

Need a supplier like that? Give us a call, we know what is important and how we can help you succeed.

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