PlastiCert – 2017 in Review

Published On: January 3rd, 2018|Categories: Blog, Company News|

PlastiCert LogoPlastiCert continues to be true to its company vision statement. We grew and improved our standing as our customers’ expert in high complexity, low to medium volume injection molded parts and assembly. We are living our tag line, Molding Your Future!

Some highlights affirming that position include:

  • We added multiple new customers this year, kicking off with new tooling. 
  • Assessing our top billing customers,
    • One new customer required a 7 mold design and build package
    • Over a dozen had double digit percentage increases in their billings –
      • We take this as a sign that we are fulfilling our vision as our customers’ expert in injection molding and we are growing along with them as they succeed.
  • In 2017 we opened and closed multiple Production Work Orders per day, helping to affirm our position as a small and medium volume complex parts supplier:
    • Our smallest Production Work Order had us mold 25 parts
    • We had numerous work orders that required us to mold less than 100 parts.
    • The largest Work Order, 97,959 parts, (a pea sized part made in a multi-cavity mold)
    • The average Work Order size was 4,119
    • The median Work Order size was only 1,770.
    • This also means we perform multiple mold changes per day
    • We are our customers’ supplier of choice when it comes to Ultem; glass, carbon fiber, mineral or teflon filled Nylons & PPS; over-molding similar but functionally diverse materials, i.e. a chemically resistant resin over-molded by a structurally strong resin with similar processing windows. We know how to stretch boundaries with molds and materials.

Impact to the bottom line:

  • Revenues were the highest in 11 years (which includes the time we had two different locations)
  • Revenues are 2X our low point, (what we experienced in the last recession)
  • Quantity of parts shipped 2017 vs 2016 was up 44%
  • Utilization of 2nd shift and increased efficiencies allowed press hours to increase 47%

We take pride in knowing that, in spite of adding new customers annually:

  • Our average customer tenure still resides at just shy of 14 years (based on the data we have in our ERP/CRM system that was started in 1997. Some customers are more tenured than that)
  • The Median customer tenure is 15 years
  • The high tenure is 21+ years, two customers hold that spot

PlastiCert is satisfying our customers’ needs for technology and service. 

Existing customer? Pass on our name to your associates that need injection molding.

New to PlastiCert?  Take a look at our website and use the Start A Discussion button to further contact us.  

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