The mission of PlastiCert is to service our customers with composite injection molding expertise; in an environment that fosters personal growth, professional challenge, and a recognized responsibility to the community around us.

At PlastiCert, we recognize that we are providing you plastic and composite components and sub-assemblies that are uniquely yours. Our technical education and training, our management of the process and output are all a given, having been selected by you to collaborate in your mission to supply your own customer.

In our drive to meet your expectations, we feel the best way to maintain our edge is to create an environment that provides our coworkers a personally positive experience. The opportunity to grow and learn, to be faced with challenges and overcome them, is a need as basic as they come. While people vary in their level, intensity, and frequency, we still feel we need to provide those opportunities, growth, and challenge, to keep each day new and different.


Lastly, while we at PlastiCert can strive to grow and improve while fulfilling our purpose of serving the customer, we cannot forget or ignore those people and institutions around us that enable us to do that. PlastiCert resides in a greater Minnesota rural area. Those of us that learn and grow at PlastiCert are interconnected through relatives and friends in a close-knit network that reaches across the countryside. Our local municipal and educational institutions provide a backbone of services, support, and pathway to the future. Recognizing that intertwining between PlastiCert and the community around us is integral to our maintaining a history of success and growth. If helping each other is part of our humanity then why can’t that be reflected in a business entity as much as an individual personality. Expounding on the axiom, no man is an island; no company is an island as well and should never act like it.