PlastiCert President talks with high school students about engineering careers.

Published On: March 25th, 2014|Categories: Company News|

Lewiston, MN March 24, 2014 – PlastiCert, a 33 year veteran of innovative and quality plastic injection molding design and manufacturing services, sent its President and Owner Craig Porter to speak to Lewiston-Altura’s Careers Class and Industrial Design class about careers in engineering.   

On March 17, PlastiCert President and Owner Craig Porter was invited to both the Careers Class and the Industrial Design Class at LAHS. Both teachers were interested in having someone talk with their students about careers in engineering. Porter spoke of the four primary engineering fields, Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, and Electrical, but then expanded out into the myriad of engineer positions that exist in industry and what many of them do. The talk was interspersed with YouTube videos on what engineering is to current college students and what things engineers make possible. Porter then used the Apollo space program and additional videos to show the Moon space mission’s long term engineering development process, contrasted with the Apollo 13 mission’s on-the-fly engineering problem solving requirements necessary to get the mission astronauts back to earth safely.

“I think they were able to get an appreciation for what those engineers had to accomplish, and the gravity of the decisions that engineers arrive at,” said Porter. “Their perception of guys sitting around crunching numbers was pretty much squashed. We also discussed opportunities for women in engineering, and to look for role models out there because they do exist.”

Porter sits on the LAHS Project Lead the Way Industry Advisory Committee, as well as being active on a Chamber of Commerce High School Business/Education Communication committee.

About PlastiCert

PlastiCert was founded in 1981 and is a privately held corporation with headquarters and manufacturing in Lewiston Minnesota. Initially a custom molder targeted at the electronics industry, today PlastiCert is a one-stop shop for OEMs and entrepreneurs in telecom, industrial, computer, avionics, medical markets and more. PlastiCert provides both mold development/build and custom plastic injection molding; including insert molding and over molding. Also available are a compliment of value add capabilities including decorating and electro-mechanical assembly. For more information on PlastiCert and the opportunities we present users of custom molded plastic components, visit or call 507-523-2300507-523-2300.

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