PlastiCert, two identities under one roof

Published On: October 9th, 2019|Categories: Blog|

Rather than a split personality, I like to think of it as being multidimentional.

PlastiCert has two distinct business models operating underneath it roof. The first is a mold design center where each new customer part means a one of a kind mold is conceived and built. The second is an injection molding floor where those molds are used to make thousands upon thousands of the same part.

The prior engineering effort is about the one. The latter engineering effort is about the many. They think differently and they think similarly, both at the same time.

The products can be extremely diverse. They have helped a customer redesign a cast iron frame into engineered composite to drop its weight by over 50% to be used in avionics telecommunications. They also helped a fishing lure manufacturer convert his unbelievably popular lure from wood into composite to keep up with increasing demand. Both duplicated their original functionality, one keeps people alive, the other keeps people happy.

All in a day’s work for a company that was founded by an engineer, and now run by them. Three of the four top management positions at PlastiCert are engineers. The President and owner is an engineer, the Mold Shop Manager is an engineer, and the Operations head is an engineer. PlastiCert left Finance and HR to the non-technical head in the bunch.

Therefore, even though the mold design center and the injection-molding floor have entirely different mantras, they operate as one to service our customers with the technology they require to meet their goals. That is what a service provider is all about.

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