PlastiCert volunteers for CEO in The Classroom Program

Published On: April 10th, 2013|Categories: Company News|

Lewiston, MN April 2, 2013 – PlastiCert, a 32 year veteran of innovative and quality plastic injection molding design and manufacturing services, was honored to be a part of the recent CEO In the Classroom presentation at the Winona Middle School.

In late March, PlastiCert President/Owner Craig Porter volunteered to present to a class of 8th graders about what it is like to be a CEO, anecdotes about his career and its twists and turns, and talk real world numbers about careers, pay, expenses and planning. CEO in the Classroom is a Chamber of Commerce program geared at helping young adults start to plan their high school academic goals. The Winona Chamber of Commerce chose to engage 8th graders just before they go to their high school orientation and begin selecting their course work. This compared to following the predetermined curriculum they had in middle school. The underlying message is to start thinking about your career, looking around at the different careers you see people doing in everyday life and using high school class selection as a means of “experimenting” in those different fields to see if it agrees you.

“It is a great program to be a part of”, remarked Porter. “The Chamber has a well thought out PowerPoint that steps through class planning, discovering interests, career exploration, asking questions and quite frankly some real world budget numbers that the kids are a little shocked by. As in how much money it takes to get by as a young adult”. The CEO in the Classroom presentation is an interactive exchange, asking about any career ideas they may already have, if they have been generating income already through chores and odd jobs, then what their idea of a “good” monthly income is.  “The most common response is $1,000 – $1,500 a month would make for a nice life. When we show them a budget based on a $2,000 a month income and what that translates into careers that can sustain that, they become a little wide eyed. Augmented with what a minimum wage position pays monthly and the point gets home rather quickly. We try to minimize the focus on minimum wage jobs and stressing that people have to do what they have to do, but education and experience equals options. The more of those two factors you possess, the greater the number of options to leading the type of life that you set your goal for.

PlastiCert was founded in 1981 and is a privately held corporation with headquarters and manufacturing in Lewiston Minnesota. Initially a custom molder targeted at the electronics industry, today PlastiCert is a one-stop shop for OEMs in telecom, industrial, computer, avionics, medical markets and more. PlastiCert provides both mold development/build and custom plastic injection molding; including insert molding and over molding. Also available are a compliment of value add capabilities including decorating and electro-mechanical assembly. For more information on PlastiCert and the opportunity we present users of custom molded plastic components, visit or call 507-523-2300.

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