Process innovation and implementation – how to know what services to offer

Published On: March 10th, 2015|Categories: Blog|

PlastiCert is a pure services provider, meaning everything we mold and assemble ultimately goes to a customer so that they can manufacture their products. The technical services we offer are in direct synchronization with the technologies our customers require for the parts and sub-assemblies they have designed.

Another one of the reasons we love to be involved early in our customers’ development efforts, is so we can see what needs may be coming down the pike and anticipate them. Needing to find new resins, looking at robotic accessories and processes like in-mold decorating all stem from early discussions with customers on what their component and assembly needs are, and how we can assist them in reducing cost and time-to-market.

There are many “new” processing thoughts out there, and as a service provider, we may be offering them some day. To research all of them without a tangible tie to customer need can result in engineering and technician expense that our customers need to help cover without deriving benefit.

So monitoring, assessing and researching new and innovative molding and value add processes can be a bit of a high wire act at PlastiCert. We need to be cutting edge, but not at the expense of providing value to our customers. Ultimately, keep us plugged into where you are going, and we can do great things, together!


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