Project Management tip: Contacting the mold designer and the injection molder does not come AFTER the part design is finished.

Published On: January 22nd, 2015|Categories: Blog|

Why pay for expertise and not take advantage of it?

If your molder is happy with just receiving an RFQ and providing a quotation, they may be eyeing up the added revenues of mold revision changes and higher part costs a.k.a. higher revenues for them.

As experts in mold design and injection molding processing, we consider it our responsibility to provide our customers a path to the most efficient mold and least cost part for their project.

Often times when working with our customers, seeing what they are trying to accomplish, we can help solve multiple problems, increase efficiency, help lower cost, provide insight to resin selection, and reduce the time to market.

If you are a part designer, why not hedge your bet and get some outside input to insure your positive outcome? If you are a purchasing person, why not get your money’s worth and use the support that is priced into your part price?

So take all the advantages you can and get your money’s worth, leave a spot at the development table for your mold designer/part molder, you’ll be glad you did.


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